Research in Brief

Headlines from research papers that I’ve seen in recent weeks:

  1. Predicting Resistance to Health Education Messages for Cannabis Use – the most frequent cannabis users are the most likely to be the most resistant to health messages about the drug.
  2. Young age at first intercourse and risk-taking behavioursyoung age at first intercourse is associated with subsequent risk-taking behaviours (such as smoking and binge drinking) according to a survey of 64,659 women aged 18–45.
  3. Examining Explanatory Mechanisms of the Effects of Early Alcohol Use on Young Adult Alcohol Dependence – Prevention efforts from primary school should focus on delaying the onset of alcohol use and reducing substance use in adolescence as well as improving school functioning, reducing adolescent problem behaviors, and targeting adolescent peer networks.
  4. Do Peers’ Parents Matter? A New Link Between Positive Parenting and Adolescent Substance Use – this paper suggests that not only are teenagers own parents important to substance use, but that so are their friends parents.
  5. Parental alcohol-specific rules and alcohol use from early adolescence to young adulthood – although parents become less strict in setting alcohol-specific rules over time, and adolescent alcohol use increases over time, the specific rules parents set remain important in restraining the alcohol use of their adolescent offspring.

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