Hard Time- Part One of the Cake File

The passing of time in prison is a strange phenomena, all the time that hangs on the inmates must create a strange time/space/continuum ripple that in turn effects all those people who work in prison.  If you set up a meeting by phone or e-mail, often this agreement is completely forgotten by those inside. Sometimes they will remember to meet you but will turn up late and have forgotten your name. Getting anything done is also effected by what I have begun to refer to as “Slow Time”. Everything takes longer to get done for no apparent reason. Is it that workers in prison are just so busy they cant effectively manage their time? is it that the channels of communication are also effected by “slow time”?

Perhaps its just a way of life that people fall into, a bit like moving to Provence?

Baffling to me, but then I’m still on the outside looking in. I will however become “one of them” from the 1st of June 2012, so keep an eye on me. If I start to slow down almost to the point of coma… well, it will be too late, I will already have become one of them!

(just playing with the tools to find my way around)


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