Festival drugs

The Guardian have produced this graphic about the drugs that were seized at music festivals last year.

The thing I notice is that apart from BZP at Glastonbury ‘legal highs’, and in particular Mephedrone, appear to be less significant than we might have expected.  However, this might be because of the sorts of festivals – not as many dance music acts? – or that the dealers weren’t detected (less likely).

2 thoughts on “Festival drugs

  1. I think it must be down to the advisability of it, harder to source and store compared to other drugs but also like you say these festivals are not the usual takers of Legal Highs

  2. Not sure, as far as we can tell availability hasn’t been a problem outside of the festival circuit, and portability isn’t any different to other drugs. I think it is more likely to be about trends in the market, but we don’t know.

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