Outcomes from Street Talk

Tomorrow we’re launching the evaluation from the Street Talk project we’ve been running with Addaction.

Here are some of the key findings.


Of 2,196 young people who were screened, 71% had used alcohol, 39% had smoked cannabis and 9% had used another drug to ‘get high’ in the last 12 months.

Just over a third (35%) had used more than one substance within the last 12 months.

At Risk

The next step was to identify those eligible to receive the brief intervention.

Almost three-quarters of these young people were considered to be at some level of risk, and almost two-thirds to be at high or severe risk.

Almost half admitted to getting in trouble whilst using substance(s), and 43% disclosed that family and/or friends had expressed a concern that they should cut down on alcohol and/or drug use.


Of those who received the intervention, more than two-thirds said that their knowledge (72%) and confidence (71%) in making informed decisions about safer levels and methods of alcohol and drug use had increased.

Intention to change behaviour

Following the intervention, the vast majority of young people demonstrated a positive intention to change behaviour

The full evaluation of the project will be published on our website tomorrow.


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