A different view

We often think that schools are a natural place to do drug prevention, indeed we call for programmes to be introduced and rail against the lack of curriculum time for health education.

But our views aren’t universally held and I think it’s useful to be aware of other views. I had my attention drawn to a piece by Tom Bennett a teacher who is arguing about calls for the PSHE curriculum to cover the use of sunscreen and body image.

The more we attempt to DIRECTLY teach children to vote, to not riot, to love the skin they’re in, the less time we have to teach them about how the world was made, how science works, what our common history is, how the planets roll, the beauty and efficacy of numbers; the shimmering, transformational power of language and communication. This taxonomy of subjects is core and key. It is the sign of an over indulged society indeed that we choose to crowd out these precious jewels so carelessly, in favour of other things.

I think these feelings are reasonably widely held by those in and around the teaching profession, and are certainly held my some Ministers in the current government.


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