NTA make the case for drug treatment


The National Treatment Agency have developed a presentation that has been sent to the prospective Police and Crime Commissioners making the case for investing in drug treatment.

It is well worth a look and I wonder how we might do something similar to make the case for prevention?

1 thought on “NTA make the case for drug treatment

  1. Worth reading Mike Ashton’s thoughts on whether this presentation and the assumptions behind it are the right way to make the case for treatment.

    He argues:

    Arguably too the report swims if not against then not clearly with the policy tides of localism and public health said to characterise the future for addiction policy in England. Local and locally collected figures and case histories may be more persuasive to local authorities holding the treatment purse strings, which are being encouraged to make their own decisions based on local needs. While crime prevention was the policy priority and the basis for the justification of treatment in past decades, in the future it will at least be rivalled by public health objectives including reducing illness, premature death, and health inequalities. Making a national case on grounds of crime provides useful extra ammunition but arguably no longer goes the heart of the issues in the new policy environment.

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