Rumours about the curriculum review

The TES report that the Department for Education stopped working on the secondary national curriculum last July.  They say:

Ministers do not want to abolish the secondary national curriculum as has been widely reported, TES can reveal. But they do intend to replace the existing curriculum with “very, very short” programmes of study that will give teachers “extreme” and “almost total” freedom over what is taught.

This contrasts with the draft primary curriculum which was criticised for being overly prescriptive.

As far as I can tell what this might mean for PSHE education and within that drug education is that there will be very little central guidance on what should be taught, or how.

We should recall that the government’s drug strategy promised two things for schools:  revised (and simplified) guidance on how schools can help prevent drug and alcohol use, and a place where the DfE will share teaching materials and lesson plans from successful schools and organisations online and promote effective practice.

As far as I can tell the government believe that they have delivered the former (though I would dispute this) and I haven’t seen any action on the latter.

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