How much did FRANK cost to relaunch?

Sarah Teather, the Children’s Minister, has been asked how much it cost the government to re-design the FRANK website:

The total cost of the re-launch of the FRANK website was £199,000. This includes £145,000 to design, test and build the new website and £54,000 to design and build the mobile site.

She has also given visitor numbers for the last two years.  The site was relaunched in October 2011.

2 thoughts on “How much did FRANK cost to relaunch?

  1. What we don’t have is data from before the change of government, and therefore the ban on marketing. Nor do we have how much was spent on marketing the new website and I suspect that decision to return to advertising the site, more than the redesign, has driven viewing figures.

    And while the new design is very nice it still seems a lot of money for what they got, particularly when the rule for the few remaining grants offered to the third sector stipulate a maximum of £5k for all communications, including design.

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