I’d rather have a cup of tea…

The Press Association have a story suggesting that the number of adults who drink at home is on the decline, with those who drink on more than two days a week falling from 46% in 2006 to 41% in 2011.

They also suggest that the alcoholic content of what they drink (the ABV) isn’t that important in the choices that people are making.  Even amongst younger drinkers (18 to 24) they find that 62% say they don’t take this into account.

While this doesn’t address the age group that we’re most obviously interested in it could act as a useful nudge in getting a healthier approach to alcohol using a social norms approach.  I’ve mocked up the photo to the right as an example of how you might do that.

Unfortunately the data that is being reported isn’t freely available for scrutiny, and the £1,750 that the research company are asking for it puts it out of our price range.


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