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I will be starting a weekly post about the metrics of our website and how we can work together to develop and improve the site. I will be benchmarking the figures from the same time last year.

If you want more details or explanations please let me know.

Week 16th-2o July

297 visits v 112 visits from the same week last year

812 page views compared to 245

3.55 minutes on each page compared to 1.26

Our most popular pages (not including the homepage)

-Parents and Carers page http://www.mentoruk.org.uk/for-parents-and-carers/

– News story on Alcohol report http://www.mentoruk.org.uk/2012/07/response-to-health-committee-report-on-governments-alcohol-strategy/

– Scotland home page

– About Us Staff

– About us page

Last week was a slow week for us with only one new post, which did break the top 5.  I will always hope that new content does break the  top 5, if it did not, we would have to ask ourselves why did we post it?

Summers are notoriously quiet and will probably be even quieter with the Olympics on.  That is why it will great to tease out news, events etc over a long period for example the Kinship Care fun day in Scotland,  please let me know of any events, reports, presentations that you have coming up.

It would be a great time to rehash old material, so please let me know of anything that you already have that could be dusted off and we can put on a fresh lick of paint.

If you have any questions, let me know.




3 thoughts on “Web Views

      • Interesting that Twitter is such a good source of referral traffic for us. Worth mentioning that to PT and the Board I think!

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