Alcohol/Energy Drink Mixes Linked with Casual, Risky Sex

As with the real world there is increasing interest in academic circles in the mix of alcohol and caffeine.

This study looks at the link between drinking alcohol mixed with energy drinks (AmEDs) and the sexual behaviour of university students.

The authors conclude:

The results seem to indicate that AmEDs may play a role in the “hook-up culture” that exists on many college campuses, says study author Kathleen E. Miller, senior research scientist at UB’s RIA.

The problem is that casual or intoxicated sex can increase the risk of unwanted outcomes, like unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual assault and depression, says Miller. And previous research has linked energy drink consumption with other dangerous behaviors: drunken driving, binge drinking and fighting, for example.

The researchers suggest that their findings are because mixing alcohol with energy drinks makes it harder to assess the level of intoxication which can lead to unintentional drunkenness.

Read more here.

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