Building Partnerships for Youth Program Assessment Tool

You might have noticed that I’m a bit obsessed with finding ways that we can measure and improve the impact of our work with young people.

In the search for easy to use tools I’ve come across this one from an American organisation, Building Partnerships for Youth, a partnership between a youth development organisation (4-H) and the University of Arizona.  They argue that:

Research has shown that a youth development approach to programming for young people 9-13 can have profound impacts on a variety of outcome areas including improved academic performance, increased citizenship, higher rates of college attendance, reduced substance abuse, violence and sexual risk behaviors.

And suggest there are 21 domains of youth development that programmes should aspire to cover, and that their self-assessment tool helps programme managers to look at where their programmes are strong and where they might need development.

The assessment is easy to complete and leads to a report which includes:

  • Sample youth activities
  • Helpful web links
  • Relevant research
  • Suggested programme models to explore

If you want to explore it further then this is the link to the Building Partnerships for Youth Program Assessment Tool.


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