David Laws MP on Life Skills

David Laws has just been reappointed to the government as a Minister for Children and Families.

At the end of the last parliament in 2010 he was interviewed by some young people from the National Deaf Children’s Society.

In the course of the interview he spoke about PSHE and life skills:

One of the problems, again, is that quite often in the past this area of the curriculum, the life skills area, is one where the teachers haven’t always been very well trained for it. The quality of the education is sometimes not as good in some schools as it should be, and it’s often thought of as being a bit of a kind of low priority for the school partly because you often don’t set an exam in it so people think it’s less important. But actually a lot of the things that we learn through life skill classes can be incredibly important and can lead to a big benefit in people’s lives, I think.

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