A Meta-Analysis of the Efficacy of Different Types of Parental Involvement Programs for Urban Students

While this may be a little tangential to our core purpose I think it’s interesting nonetheless, so wanted to share this interesting American analysis about the impact of parental engagement programmes on the educational outcomes for children.

The key paragraph that I’ve seen – and I have to admit I’ve not read the whole paper – is as follows:

This study supports the notion that school-based parental involvement programs have a positive relationship with the academic achievement of youth. The fact that most of the programs were at the elementary school level rather than the secondary school level reflects the fact that (a) people tend to emphasize the value of parental participation more at the lower grades than at the higher grades and (b) for a variety of reasons, it may be easier to schools to arrange parental engagement when students are in elementary school than when they become older. Two of the most substantial findings emerging from this study indicated that (a) parental involvement programs quite consistently were related to high educational outcomes and (b) a variety of these programs was associated with higher scholastic achievement than without them.

They go on to emphasise that there are specific programmes that seem to have the most impact which include shared reading, parents checking their children’s homework, and parents and teachers communicating with one another.  They also point out that while the effect size achieved when these elements are initiated by the school don’t seem to be as high as when undertaken voluntarily by the parents the effects are still statistically significant.



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