Arguing for prohibition

weed by 1ncognito
weed, a photo by 1ncognito on Flickr.

While, as we’ve said before on this site, we at Mentor don’t ‘do’ legalisation/prohibition it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t think about what the consequences might be of law reform.

The arguments for changing the way the law deals with cannabis (and other drugs) have been given lots of media attention and have some intelligent and thoughtful advocates – as well as a number who minimise the potential harms that such a policy might cause and who use ad hominem attacks on those that don’t sign up.

What is much harder to find are clear headed and respectable proponents for the view that the law is just about right.

This interview with Kevin Sabet, an assistant professor and the director of the Drug Policy Institute at the University of Florida College of Medicine, is amongst the best I’ve come across from that perspective.

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