Social Media

Over the past few weeks, I have been to a couple of events on Social Media which looked at using it as a tool to connect and engage with people in a deeper and richer way than getting people to just like a facebook status or to retweet.

I wanted to reflect on a few key points from both events and finish on thoughts about how we can better use social media in our work.

The first event was a training course that’s overall aim was to enable people to use social media to improve retention and increase learning when teaching or training. From using it as a tool to think outside of the box and source different ideas to using photo and video sites as creative mediums for displaying work.

This event really made me think about our presentation of resources and information, what feedback do we get on our look and brand? Do we need to adopt different designs for different audiences?  In terms of actions, it reinforced me belief that we should better use videos to get our messages across too often we just rely on words with a few tweets.

The second event was run by a major music label and it was focusing on a new project which aimed at increasing engagement between fans of musicians through social media. For example people are asked to tweet or send pictures of their best moments involving music. This project was trying to broaden and reach out to different fans with the overall aim to make people feel a deeper sense of connection to an artist’s brand.

This for me was a really vital issue that we face, how do we broaden our appeal to a different audience and not only broaden but form a deep connection with them?
Our stumbling blocks include who do we want our audience to be? What are the messages we want to give them?

This all got me thinking about a video I watched recently about the tribes we lead, I ask you to spend twenty minutes watching the video and think about where Mentor is in leading our tribe.

I believe if we answer those questions we can use social media to reach out and connect with our chose audience.


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