Nearly 1 in 10 Drug Deaths in the UK are Young People

The annual report on drug deaths in the UK has been published and shows that in 2010 one in ten deaths were under 24 years of age.

As you may have seen in the media reporting of the issue there is some good news in that there has been a fall of 13% in the number of drug related deaths since 2009.

Looking at the drugs that are associated with the deaths in that year it is clear that heroin remains the most likely drug to kill with over 130 fatalities in the last year.

However, as has been reported in the media, the growth in the number of fatalities associated with novel psychoactive substances (‘legal’ highs) is going to be causing alarm.

The big rise in these deaths seems to have been as a result of mephedrone, where deaths rose from 5 in 2009 to 29 the following year.

It is worth remembering that despite broadly positive trends drug deaths remain high when compared to our European neighbours.


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