Ambulance Service Incidents: Binge Drinking in London

The London DataStore is a mine of useful information and includes data on what the London Ambulance service is finding.

And while this data is really more for our colleagues who deal with adult health – and perhaps explains the focus on alcohol from the London Health Improvement Board – I thought it was worth sharing.

As you’ll see the trend they’re seeing is that binge drinking by those under 40 is leading to more calls on their services.  Of course this may be the result of changes in the accuracy of recording as much as real changes in behaviour, but it isn’t encouraging.

London binge drinking


One thought on “Ambulance Service Incidents: Binge Drinking in London

  1. Hi Andrew. This is really interesting data, but the patterns make me think that recording may have a lot to do with it. Because of seasonal variations, it’s hard to see patterns on individual months. A rolling 12 month average gives a better picture and shows a steady rise from June 2010 to April 2011, then complete flat-line through to April 2012 when things start to pick up sharply, but at a steady rate. The correlation with financial years seems more than a coincidence, and the way there’s a steady line of increase over the 2012-13 financial year so far suggests each month is increasing by roughly the same proportion, which is what would happen if a different policy had been instituted. Maybe I’m overcomplicating things, but it does look odd to me – particularly given possible wider trends around drinking patterns. Though you’re quite right that however you cut it, the figures aren’t exactly encouraging!

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