GOV.UK, archiving and the policy priority for drugs and alcohol

The government have decided that having different websites for different parts of government is too complicated and so they’re collecting everything under GOV.UK this includes the Department of Health and the Home Office along with the majority of other departments (the DfE is to join soon).

They’ve also taken the view only to migrate content that has been developed since the change of government in 2010, and those pages that had high user visits.

I happen to know this because I was looking for the Chief Medical Officer’s guidance on alcohol and young people and when I couldn’t find it had a twitter conversation with the department who said:

I was left wondering whether this meant that the guidance was no longer considered current, so again I’ve asked and been told (much to my relief):

So if you’re looking for the CMO’s guidance it’s still around and may even make it back to the main DH web pages.

The other thing that has struck me in looking around for the drug and alcohol pages is the fact that the Home Office seems to be much less the lead department than has been the case.  At least that’s my reading of the taxonomy of the site where the focus is on public health rather than policing or criminal justice.  

Update: Just remembered this presentation I did for the Drug Education Forum about the CMO guidance and thought I’d give it another lease of life.


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