Public Health Outcomes Framework

I’ve written before about how data is likely to drive decisions in what gets done in public health so it’s useful that there is now a Public Health Outcomes Framework website which provides quite a lot of information at a locality level.

So below is a screen shot of a heat map depicting the number of first time entrants to the youth justice system per hundred thousand of population.

first time youth justice

There’s also regional level data – below are the proportions of pupil absence in the North West.

north west

And the site lets you drill down to council level, below are some of the statistics for Birmingham that relate to the wider determinants of health as measured amongst young people.


Users can see the outcome of drug treatment, the vast majority of whom will be adults (as you can see in the heat maps below this is broken down by opiate users and non-opiate users). As yet the alcohol related outcomes don’t appear to be available, nor are the prevalence data for smoking, drinking and drug use by young people, though if this tweet is anything to go by there are plans to keep adding to the data sets.

treatment outcomes

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