London Identification and Brief Advice Practitioner’s Network

Over the last few months I’ve been pleased to be part of the advisory group for the Identification and Brief Advice (IBA) Network.

IBA is an evidence based, effective intervention to identify and intervene with individuals drinking at levels above recommended guidelines.  I wanted to support the network in part because of our experience on the Street Talk project where we found that this sort of approach fitted well with young people who were already taking risks with their health.

The network isn’t for drug and alcohol specialists rather it aims to support staff, practitioners and clinicians working in London to deliver what is quite a simple but effective approach to reducing harm.  If you’ve had training in this area, or want to be more effective in how your organisation can support those at risk then the network could be a way of supporting you.

You can find out about the IBA network by clicking on this link. You will be able to find out about the aims and download the latest newsletters. The network provides support, information, advice, resources and updates on the most recent research in this area.

Membership is free and it’s very easy to sign up. If you would like to join the network or come along to our next meeting on 20th June at Guildhall in London please email

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