Recommendations for improving the capacity of public health in the UK

A paper for the EU about the capacity of public health across the continent identifies the following as the recommendations for action:

  • Build competence across all sectors that can contribute to the health of the public within and beyond health care
  • Develop skills and knowledge (competences) in the wider workforce (i.e., those who make an impact on the population’s health through their role but would not necessarily call themselves public health workers e.g., teachers and urban planners. This workforce already exists and needs recognition and awareness-raising of their potential contribution
  • Improve information linking environmental factors and others (e.g., transport, planning) with health outcomes (e.g., to effect behavioural change) 
  • Ensure public health retains its influence across all sectors and at all levels by carrying out health impact analysis on all public policy; ensure that importance and relevance of public health is well understood by all sectors 
  • Strengthen multidisciplinary/multisectoral public health workforce that is adequately resourced to meet the needs of the population
  • Ensure adequate investments in health and well-being
  • Ensure that proposals for developing a new Public Health Service in England lead to enhancement of links with academia to expand capacity, and translate research into practice, and ensure that more undertaken research is informed by service needs
  • Additional research funding in areas such as evidence to support behaviour change

Intriguingly only the UK’s recommendations specifically talk about including teachers in terms of developing the wider workforce.

Anyway sounds like a good list to me.

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