Sources of Information on Drug Prevention

There is no single place on the web where you can go and get information about drug and alcohol prevention.  As a result over time I have built up a range of sites that offer different aspects of what we might see as the tool box for an evidence base hub for prevention.

The Evidence Base

Evidence Based Programmes

  • – The Centre for Analysis of Youth Transitions (CAYT) was set up to improve our understanding of the bridging period between childhood and adulthood and how it is changing over time, with a particular focus on what this can tell us about the likely effectiveness of a range of policy interventions.
  • – The National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) is a searchable online registry produced by the US government, of more than 230 interventions supporting mental health promotion, substance abuse prevention, and mental health and substance abuse treatment.
  • – a site supported by the Coalition for Evidence Based Policy in the US which covers the full spectrum of social policy (K-12 education, crime prevention, international development assistance, etc.), focusing on the relatively few interventions across these areas meeting a strong evidence criteria.

Cost Benefit Information

Best practice and validated tools

  • – the Exchange on Drug Demand Reduction Action (EDDRA), a European database that provides details on a wide range of evaluated prevention, treatment and harm reduction interventions, as well as interventions within the criminal justice system.
  • – The Evaluation Instruments Bank (EIB) is an online archive of freely available instruments for evaluating drug-related interventions.
  • – Child Trends helps identify emerging issues; evaluates important programs and policies; and provides data-driven, evidence-based guidance on policy and practice.

This should not be taken as a comprehensive list of sources of information but it does represent some of the better databases that are currently available in our field.

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