What will the Department of Health be doing to inventivise drug prevention?

Anne Milton, the Public Health Minister at the Department for Health, has been asked what incentives the government will be offering to Health and Wellbeing Boards to commission drug prevention programmes for young people.

This is her answer:

Local authority commissioners will work through health and well-being boards to develop a comprehensive analysis of health and social care needs in each local area, called joint strategic needs assessments, and to translate these into action through joint health and well-being strategies and their own commissioning plans, including for public health. This will provide an opportunity for needs around drug prevention to be identified and addressed as appropriate through action by the local authority and other partners.

One of the most effective approaches for preventing young people from using drugs is to improve their general life skills and resilience. The Department’s Youth Social Marketing Strategy will set out how we intend to help young people build these skills and be able to make sensible choices on a wide range of risky behaviours, including drug use. The Public Health Grant which will be allocated to local authorities during 2013-14 will also include funding for the Healthy Child Programme for five to 19-year-olds.

So, on the face of it, the answer appears to be that the DH won’t be providing any incentives for drug prevention.


BBC News – Ken Clarke: UK plainly losing war on drugs

Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee:

“My purely personal view is I’d be worried about losing the deterrent effect of criminalisation on youngsters who start experimenting. The really key thing is to work out what can get fewer young people to start experimenting with drugs…

via BBC News