Mitch Winehouse

Mitch Winehouse: 'I wish it had been me that died, not Amy … You can help all the kids but it's never going to take the grief away' - Profiles - People - The Independent

Mitch Winehouse has given an interview to The Independent.

He also wants to see widespread drug education programmes, so the foundation is piloting a scheme in Hertfordshire, sending recovered addicts into schools to educate children about the realities of drugs. While the foundation sets to work on this schools project, as well as setting up children’s hospices and investing in rehab centres, Winehouse is learning to cope with his grief in a rather unconventional way.

This worries me as there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that ex-users have a positive impact on young people’s decision-making, and there is some that suggests that the approach that he appears to be supporting has an iatrogenic effect.