Public Health England – marketing plan and youth

Public Health England have published their Marketing Plan 2013-14 which includes a section on youth.  The plan acknowledges that teenagers face a number of pressures and that it’s a time when many choose to smoke, drink, take drugs and have sex for the first time.  In response they say:

Our overall marketing objective is to catalyse positive conversations about health between peers and between parents and their children.

They also tell us that their marketing messages will be focused on 11 to 16 year olds on the understanding that once risky behaviours start marketing interventions are much less likely to succeed. Continue reading


YouTube and drug videos

YouTube video Brandweer NederweertThis paper, by Paul Manning from the University of Winchester, has some really interesting analysis of the sorts of films being uploaded to YouTube about drugs, the substances being discussed, and the intentions of the film makers.

The paper suggests that for every official drugs education video there are a further 3 videos about drugs on YouTube.  But there is considerable difference in the number of videos made about different drugs and the number of times they get watched.   Continue reading